Ear training – Intervals – 2nd

The first exercise I recommend concerns the recognition of both ascending and descending second intervals, namely for example:

Do-Re (major second – 1 tone – ascending)
Re-Do# (minor second -1/2 tone – discending).

They are simple but sometimes they can be confused.

You will notice that the difficulty can also vary from the area of the range in which the notes are proposed. Even the instrumental timbre can be a reason for greater ease or difficulty. But in this case the App always offers them with the same sound.

If you have any doubts in recognition, imagine the two notes as being part of a major scale.
The major second interval is how the scale begins.
The semitone interval (minor second) is the way the scale ends (B-C)

… Think and imagine the sounds. And remember that we can only sing well the notes we can think of (without necessarily emitting them).

Have a good practice !
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