The art of breathing

As simple as breathing: how to re-educate a natural gesture

For those who make music with their voice, breathing is essential. On the other hand, there is nothing more essential to our life than breathing: take air and let it out, twenty-five thousand times a day. It would seem trivial yet humans, as a species, have lost the ability to breathe properly, thus compromising their health.
Science journalist James Nestor traveled the world to understand what went wrong with this approach and, after painstaking research, found some surprising answers: he did not find them, as one would expect, in the pneumology laboratories, but in the excavations of ancient burial sites, in secret Soviet structures, ... Nestor tracked down men and women who explored the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices such as Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, and Tummo.
Their research is now redefining the potential of the human body and has allowed us to discover that diseases such as asthma, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, psoriasis could be alleviated or reversed only by changing the way we inhale and exhale.
Yes, breathing allows us to act on the nervous system, control the immune response and restore our health. Yes, changing the way we breathe will help us live longer ... and sing better!   

Patrizia Rossi
"Breath: the new science of a lost art" by James Nestor, Publisher Riverhead Books, May 26 2020

You can make a new experience about your voice and your vocal instruments, through breathing excercises and vocal suggestions to feel better your body, subscribing to Roberto Demo's webinar "Feel your voice".
It helps you to breathe better and to become more aware of the use of the air that constantly passes through your body, as well as knowing and using all the parts of your vocal instrument correctly. 

These are a few comments by some participants:
"From natural and daily gestures such as breathing or speaking, you become aware and able, little by little, to manage your vocal instrument, pleasantly and without stress". Patrizia Rossi
"This workshop, thanks to guided relaxation, led me to discover what is behind the scenes of the vocal instrument and to use the voice more consciously". Paola Robotti
"A relaxing and interesting discovery walk inside the voice instrument: it taught me to be more aware of a part of me, to which I have never paid particular attention". Chiara Ferreri
"A journey in complete relaxation, through the unknown world of the voice instrument: I have discovered many details I normally do not pay attention to". Elio Morini

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