Vocal Improv Workshop by Sofia Ribeiro and Roberto Demo in New York!


Explore new tools to broaden your musical vocabulary for vocal improvisation, while developing your rhythmic, melodic and harmonic skills!

Sofia Ribeiro – NYC/Portugal
Roberto Demo – Italy

This workshop is open to all singers and instrumentalists who whish to improve their vocal improvisation skills and find new ways to express their authentic musical voices. The exercises proposed will be experienced in a playful way, using intuition as a guide, and will be accessible to different kinds of musical backgrounds and levels (no need to know music theory). One of the main goals of the workshop is to explore new musical paths as opposed to our usual ones, which very often become automatic and therefore less free.

Most of the exercises will be applied to circle singing and improvisation forms such as ‘Vocal River’ exercises by Rhiannon. The workshop will be very beneficial to vocal improv teachers and circle singing facilitators. New games and forms created by Sofia and Roberto will be shared.

We will work on:

incorporating more rhythmic, melodic and harmonic diversity in your singing
finding new ways to develop a musical motif while soloing
increasing precision while improvising and giving parts on a circle song
exploring tools and exercises for practicing on your own

The workshop will be divided in three modules, of two hours each, focusing on different music elements. You can inscribe in one, two or three modules.

DATE:  Sunday, May 8

RHYTHM 10am – 12pm
MELODY 12pm – 2pm
HARMONY  3:30pm – 5:30pm

Payment until April 29th:
1 module: $50
2 modules: $90
3 modules: $125

Payment after April 30st:
1 module: $60
2 modules: $110
3 modules: $150

through paypal to email@sofiaribeiro.com (or another form of payment to be agreed)

CAP21 Studios, Room 505, 5th floor
18 W 18th St, New York

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