<<… The core trio (Luigi Martinale, p; Yves Rossignol, ac b; Paolo Franciscone, d.) swings pleasantly and Demo waxes both romantic on the ballads and more robustly on the swinging set pieces… His Jazz scat is as competent as any other I’ve heard and for those interested in an international take on straight ahead Jazz vocals, this disc might be worth checking out.>>

“Sono un Bluff” review
Troy Collins – Cadence U.S.A. – May 2005

Roberto Demo, vocalist and jazz composer, in 2001 ranks 5th among the new Italian talents at the Italian Top Jazz Referendum (by “Musica Jazz” Magazine) and then voted among the best 10 Italian male jazz voices at the Jazzit Award 2010, vocal coach Certified Master Teacher of the Estill Method (Voicecraft-EVT) and expert on vocal improvisation.

He studied classic and jazz guitar, harmony, arranging techniques and composition. In 1995 met Jo Estill and her singing method “VoiceCraft-EVT”, following her in all the Italian workshops and for a short period in California.

He studied scat singing, reworking his guitar jazz studies and thanks to Bob Stoloff’s teaching method.

In 2007 and 2013 attended “Voci Audaci” workshops with Rhiannon, Joey Blake and David Worm (historical Bobby McFerrin choristers in his Voicestra) and he attended the “All The Way In 2014” workshop with Rhiannon in Hawaii, Holland and Rome, with 18 selected vocalist coming from all over the world.

Roberto Demo does several activities as vocal technique teacher, scientific researcher on vocal potential and as a vocalist in studios and on stage in Italy, Europe and USA, collaborating with high level international musicians, in different groups, from vocal solo to bigger bands and vocal groups.

He recorded four cds, all strongly influenced by jazz and voice improvisation.

He has played with Palmino Pia, Emanuele Cisi, Luigi Martinale, Stefano Risso, Yves Rossignol, Paolo Franciscone, Tino Tracanna, Jonathan Gee, Steve Rose, Ada Montellanico, Luigi Tessarollo, Roberto Taufic, Alessandro Maiorino, Alessandro Minetto, Nunzio Barbieri, Pietro Ballestrero, Mauro Battisti, Alberto Marsico, Giacomo Aula, Andrea Ravizza, Francesco Bertone, Roberta Bacciolo, Victoria Rummler, Sofia Ribeiro, Malene Kjaergaard, Sascha Cohn, Kees Kool, Rizumik, Nick Demeris, Rahel Comtesse, Sonja Morgenegg…

Jazz discography:

“La Porta” (Roberto Demo, Palmino Pia piano, Emanuele Cisi sax)
Abeat records – 2001

“Sono un Bluff” (Roberto Demo, Luigi Martinale, Yves Rossignol, Paolo Franciscone)
Abeat Records – 2005

– “Come se i pesci” (Roberto Demo, Tino Tracanna sax, Luigi Martinale piano, Stefano Risso bass, Paolo Franciscone drums) Abeat records – 2009

– “Garage” (Roberto Demo voice+electronics, Pietro Ballestrero acoustic guitar, Nunzio Barbieri electric guitar) Abeat records – 2011

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