Improvisation Festival Nijmegen (NL)

Make Vocal Improvisation Festival happen !!

Vocal improvisation is the ultimate experience for everyone who loves singing.

The first festival in 2019 was a great success, and showed how professionals and amateurs together can create an inspiring learning environment filled to the brim with improvised vocal music.
For the 2022 edition we have put together a fantastic line-up with concerts and workshops from amongst others Freeplay Duo (Canada), Pop-Up (Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Colombia) and others, and a specially commissioned improvisation-composition ‘Blue Planet’ by American composer Roger Treece.

We need you!

(Kees Kool at work in a workshop)

The IF festival is the first and only festival for improvised vocal music in The Netherlands, featuring the international top from this unique field of art. We have the absolute intention to make the festival happen in 2022 if at all possible.
To organise this festival we need money, quite a lot in fact. We want to keep ticket prices reasonable, including student discounts.
We do not want to drop workshop leaders or artist from around the world from our programme, hence this crowdfunding campaign. Our goal is to raise €6000. Help us with a donation and get a nice perk!

What will we do with the money raised?

All donations go to the festival, the organisers are not getting paid. We have chosen Voordekunst as our platform. This is a reputable Dutch non-profit dedicated to cultural crowdfunding with excellent reputation and close ties to the arts. They take 7% of the proceeds.
With the money raised we will:

  • offer a programme of workshops and concerts of international artistic quality;
  • offer discounted tickets for students;
  • enable a professional video recording;
  • should we exceed the amount, then our additional goal will be to organize more concerts of the specially commissioned improvisation-composition ‘Blue Planet’ in the Netherlands and Germany.

For more on the festival, see our official website and

Joey Blake